Project Examples

Here are some examples of Projects we have worked on:

  • Installed new flight planning software for legacy mid-sized jet
    • Trip support and flight planning for individual trip outside of usual mission scope
  • Long term supplemental dispatch staffing for 800+ hour/Year Part 91 Gulfstream
    • On demand scheduling and trip management for worldwide operations
    • Support Lean operations team for time spans of a couple hours to 2+ months
    • Heavy logistics and coordination with Crew members, Vendors and Corporate Staff
  • Owner representation for US based VIP jetliner
    • Vendor evaluation/Revenue planning
    • Advisor to owner
  • Thru relationship with ATBD Inc
    • Strategy and SOC construction for eVTOL startup in Los Angeles
    • Data and fuel management for Startup airline in Ecuador
    • Project management for UK based Startup Airline
    • Domestic business development for Fixed Base Operator in Southern California

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